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The Helping Hands Committee was established as a part of the Frankenmuth Rotary Club in 2017 to help struggling and disadvantaged individuals and families in the local area.

All proceeds from this event will go to the Frankenmuth Rotary Helping Hands Fund. Your donations have made a huge impact - from replacing water heaters, paying overdue medical bills, helping abused women and children resettle, replace hearing aids for elderly people who are making decisions to eat rather than hear because they cannot afford both and many others. To date we have given more than $70,000 in assistance.


I would like to thank the Rotary Helping Hands Fund. They helped me and my two children afford the cost to move into a rental home. I am a cancer survivor and have chronic health conditions as a result of the chemotherapy and medication regimen I went through. I was not able to work for a period of time and was faced with having to find a new place to live. This took a lot of the emotional stress away knowing that there was help out there and people that cared. Thank you so very much and god bless all of you.


Last winter my furnace broke down and needed to be replaced. The timing of this was not good financially. With the help of Rotary Helping Hands Fund, my employer and a generous appliance company, I was able to get a new furnace. It would have been a long and cold winter without the assistance. Thank you Rotary Helping Hands Fund.


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If you know of someone in need in our area, please pass the information along to us.

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